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Our Programs

We accept a variety of programs, the programs are available to help people who are in need of services for everyday living and ADL's with people who have disabilities and allow them the benefit of having affordable in-home care. If you have any questions or need more information to reach out to our office at 678-369-5654 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

The discussion of fees can be a sensitive topic. Here at Harmony Home, we take pride in providing our clients and their families with a transparent and informative experience, and we're always here to answer any questions that may arise.


Fees are structured in two formats: 

Cost of services are based on the following: 

Home Care expense is tax deductible. 


Here is a comprehensive list of programs we currently accept.

•    Region of State
•    Skill level required
•    Number of Hours
•    Type of Service needed

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Policies (Genworth, John Hancock, Met Life, Conseco, Bankers etc.). Members request occasionally the consideration of Assignment of Benefits (AOB). Our agency holds true to the philosophy of the Long-Term Care Insurance companies that they prefer to address the reimbursement check to the policy holder. 

Medicaid Waiver Programs

Community Care Services Program (CCSP)

CCSP assists older and/or functionally disabled consumers, their families, and caregivers in achieving safe, self-reliant lives. Participants must meet the same medical, functional, and financial eligibility criteria that is required for long term facility placement under Medicaid and requires the approval of a physician. 

CCSP provides a range of community-based services that support the member's choice to remain in the community:

•    Case Management Services
•    Personal Support Services
•    Home Delivered Meals
•    Emergency Response Service
•    Skilled Nursing Services
•    Respite Services
•    Adult Day Program
•    Consumer Direction Option
•    Community Living Homes

Service Options Using Resources in a Community Environment (SOURCE) 

SOURCE links primary medical care and case managementwith approved long­term health services in a person's home or community. All SOURCE clients must meet the eligibility requirements for full Medicaid and meet a long-term facility level of care. SOURCE operates under authority of the Georgia Elderly and 
Disable (1915c) Medicaid Waiver and provides Home-and-Community-Based Services to frail, elderly, and physically disabled persons.


A comprehensive assessment is used to determine eligibility and need. Services Listed Below: 

•    Individual Care Path based on need

•    Informal caregivers from The Harmony Home

•    Person Support Services 
•    Assisted Living Services 
•    Extended Home Health Services 
•    Home Delivered Meals 
•    Adult Day Health 
•    Emergency Response Services 
•    Case Management Services 
•    Primary Care Physician 

A Harmony Home representative will meet with the member/family to discuss the services and fees associated. 

We provide the following benefits for our Private Pay clients:

•    Weekly invoices are sent to members. We ask the payer to review the invoice and make the payment promptly in the envelope provided by The Harmony Home
•    Electronic Bank Check is an alternative to the use of a Bank Credit Card
•    Payment arrangements: we encourage all members/families to address financial obligations, with respect to the signed Service Agreement which indicates "on a weekly basis".

Private Pay

Structured Family Care

Our staff can advise you how to file for this benefit. Call so we can meet with you to walk you through this process! You can get paid to take care of your family member. 

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